Publication postponed by three weeks

October 4th

I’m sorry but we’re finding that there is just too much to do to make the October 20th publication date we had hoped for. Life keeps intruding!

I’m setting publication for November 15th with delivery in the last week of November.

Things are progressing quite well:

Preparations are almost done for a book launch party at the end of November. Come pick up your pre-ordered book, have a beer, see your friends and enjoy the entertainment! Or, while they last, buy a non-pre-ordered copy. Or, when those are gone, order a copy from the next printing. (Notice, there’s no chance of having to wait if you pre-order.) We should be able to get a second printing back by Christmas.

Pictures for chapters are coming along very well. Joyce & I get about three years do each week. It is a LOT of fun.

The index structure is almost ready. I’ve spent a lot of time on this because I think it will be an important addition to the history. I now have a list of all of the proper names from the text! Now to structure the Index…


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