What volunteer crew is that?

Hi Folks. I need some help. I really want to make a good section on volunteers. We have some good photographs from 2008 and 2009 of the crews assembled together. Neither year covers all the crews so I’m thinking to combine the two sets to try to cover all crews (I could not cover all the people!).

The problem is I can’t identify all the crews. I didn’t know that many people and I’ve exhausted my knowledge, still leaving almost half of the crews unidentified. Chris White looked through and helped with a few but still I don’t have them all.

Can you help? Email Jake@withflare.org if you have anything to add. Thanks!

Here are the 2008 Crews that I have not identified:


And here are the 2009 Crews that I have not identified:

Now, in case you wanted to see all the crew pictures I’m working with …

Here’s 2008:


And here’s 2009:




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