March 2019 News – The Deluxe Edition

Hi all,

Back in December I expected to have a deluxe edition of the book by the end of January.

Since then I’ve put a lot of effort into getting it done but, I’m sorry to say, I haven’t been able to get a quality print at a decent price.

The printer I used for the first version has this fairly unique business model of producing books for a set price, no matter how many you order. That means the publisher (me) doesn’t have to print a whole bunch of books to get a decent price. When getting into costly prints that is a huge plus.
That printer also offered a premium colour option (at a 40% surcharge). WELL, I’m sorry to have to report that there is nothing premium about that option other than the price. I’ve

  • Created the book and cover files
  • Paid to have them registered in the system
  • Had one sample printed
  • Rejected it and asked for a reprint
  • Rejected it and asked for the official sample sheets
  • Compared all that and found there is no case for using the premium coulour. It just does not improve the photographs over the basic colour.

There is the remote possibility, somewhere off in the future, of working with that printer when they finally get coated paper as a product choice but, for now, they cannot produce our deluxe edition.

Other printers have a sliding scale of production costs, depending on how many you order. The best I’ve found for a quality print is a minimum order of 25 copies and a retail cost/book of about $75.

So, I’m putting it out that I will create a deluxe version having:

  • A colour hard cover
  • Photo-quality colour printing
  • All original text
  • The Index
  • Total of approximately 220 pages
  • Standard interior endpaper (no colour print inside the cover or facing the inside cover)

IF I can get pre-orders for at least 20 copies at $75/ea.

How many would you like?

take care,


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