The Book

We will be publishing the book on approximately October 20th, 2018. We are taking pre-orders until then through and the email: orders@

We have printed a  preliminary copy – very similar to the final copy but as yet unfinished. If you would like to see it please contact us. The main thing that is missing from this copy (other than a whole whack of images – see the blank spaces?) is the Index. We will be indexing people – performers and festival folk – at least. Work has started and the method is under control.

We will be producing the book through a print on demand system so

Personalization will be done on one page and can include one image and text that fits.

If you are interested in pre-ordering please write us a note.


The basic book is $25/copy.

If you would like to have a single personalization page added, the cost is $30 for the first book and $27 for each copy after with the exact same content. Note that the personalized page is inserted right inside the cover and breaks up the program guide display.


We will make the print order in late October based on pre-orders.

In order to pre-order your copy we will need from you – before October 15th

  1. Your name, email, phone number and number of copies, either basic or personalized.
  2. A deposit of $10 per basic book and $15 per personalized book
  3. For each personalization give us the content. It would be best if you laid it out on a page and we would try to duplicate that but we will do the layout if you don’t. In any case include the image as a separate file. It must have enough pixels to print the size you want at 300 pixels / inch. (a 2 inch printed image must have 600 pixels).

If you’re interested please contact us.

We hope to hear from you!

Joyce MacPhee
Jake Morrison (C: 613-286-1564)